Journal Entry Type #93: Almost There

I’ve spent now a little over one month at my new job. I’m getting more acclimated to it. I’m thankful for this. The weather is definitely warming up. It’s going to be in the 100 range the rest of this week and all next week too. Summer is here in the Las Vegas valley area. I’m psyched because I’m not only working on my final stages of my first novel that still will be released either in June or early July. I’m working in my brain, at least, on my next two novel ideas, and getting out what else I want to include in Microsoft Word. I’m also feeling the urge to read again, which I’ve been doing although not as quick as I’d like.

The one downfall of my new job is the hours. I go to work in the early afternoon and it wouldn’t be so bad if I could sleep right away after I get home, but my mind and body for some reason won’t slow down even though I am tired. I’m hoping by going to the gym helps me get on a routine again, but I’ll have to see. I’ve definitely been more tired lately, which is another reason why I’m not blogging so much. I hired a editor for my first novel and while I know I should have one for every book I write, I’m doing some major thinking of not doing it for some of my novels. Now that I have a better understanding of it, well I’ll have to see how I feel and where I am next year when my next novel projected deadline will be. I never knew how much I’d have to make time to take a shower and wash my clothes as a part of being an adult. Let alone all the other things to do like groceries, recycling, and deal with the countless bank issues, medical appointments, and anything else that comes up. Yet, I find the time to eat when I shouldn’t and eat crap food I shouldn’t either.

Where did all the time go? It’s almost June and once that is gone, there is only six months left of the year. Again, where did all the time go? I’m deciding maybe writing another poetry book is not in my favor and focus on novels, novellas, and short stories. Without sounding bitter, it takes a special kind of person to understand the relevance of poetry and even more to read it. As I’ve heard, movie audiences want silly stupid where they don’t have to think. This may very well be the case for the millions of people around the world that gravitate toward such mindless movies and shows. I think Showgirls and Basic Instinct could make a killing if they were re-released today. It’s made me want to try my hand at fan fiction although I know many authors find it cheating like George R.R. Martin. This would come after I finish a bulk of my current novel and novella ideas or maybe not. Maybe, I want to write a really bad story compared to my other flushed out stories.

To me a writer who has a fan fiction book that is over 800 pages hasn’t done enough editing to weed out the dead leaves left in the gutter. Unless you are writing such a massive and complex story with so many characters, there is no reason to have that many pages. I get some writers are wordy. I’m not that way although if given the right subject matter, I could be wordy, I suppose. It dawned on me the other day as I browsed through more current fan fiction novels, how freaking long they are. I’ve never Stephenie Meyer, E.L. James, or Anna Todd when it comes to romance fan fiction. The original sources of fan fiction goes on and on and while I don’t have the attention span or time to research into it, let’s just say every story a writer writes has some kind of influence from somewhere. It takes a well-crafted writer to hide it better through his or her writing skills. We gravitate toward those writers we relate to or have something interesting to read about and with this in mind, I end this blog here.

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