(Short) Movie Review: Synchronic (2019)

Jamie Dornan Moves Past the Fifty Trilogy

I’m sure Jamie Dornan hasn’t looked in his rearview mirror to his role as Christian. This movie gave him the opportunity to gain further the distance from the Fifty Shades trilogy. I haven’t seen him in too many things, but I loved him as Paul Spector in The Fall. Dornan plays a paramedic alongside Anthony Mackie in New Orleans. It has that gritty, dirty feel throughout the movie. I wasn’t quite sure what Synchronic was about except it dealt with drugs and strange phenomenon. Dornan plays Dennis and Mackie plays Steve and both find themselves dealing with strange deaths and a drug called Synchronic.

It’s All About the Designer Drugs

Upon the discovery of Synchronic and its effects, Steve has nothing to lose and conducts an experiment for himself. He continuing recording his findings each time, which affects his job performance. He eventually comes clean with Dennis of what is really going on with him. He risks never seeing Dennis again and keeps taking Synchronic to help him with his pain. As he goes deeper into his high, Steve tries one last time to get what he really is looking for and that is purpose in his life.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Synchronic is a type of movie you have to pay attention to because you will miss vital parts if you don’t. It was little frenetic in the beginning, meaning I felt it was edited a little to quickly. I’m not an editor so my opinion shouldn’t hold too much weight except I would have preferred it the other way around. I understand the reason for doing this because weird phenomenon are happening. I just wanted a little more transition between the scenes. In terms of the story, it was engaging and the acting was good. You can’t beat a decent sci-fi and thriller movie.

I give Synchronic THREE FINGERS at 75%.

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