Journal Entry Type #95: Inspiration Comes From Everywhere

I found these computer desktop photos and reminded me of the fantasy world you sometimes find in movies, tv shows, and games. I’m getting ever so closer to self-publishing my first novel. I’m excited for it to be done and for my next writing projects. I will have to churn them out about every other year to accomplish all of my story ideas. Good thing I still have time (I hope) although I’m definitely past my 20s and even 30s, but I’m nowhere near 60 but soon will be closer to 50. I know I’m not the only writer who can be thrilled at the thought of continuing a second novel and starting a third novel while at the same time dreading it. I better get back to my last stages of my minor editing. Stay tuned in later June when I plan to release my book. Until that time, I’ll be thinking and doing like I always do.

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