Journal Entry Type #96: I Can’t be That Old!

I needed to handle something on my day off for work and decided to take in the sights and maybe go on a few rides. Being a weekday, it wasn’t too busy on the strip. At least the rides weren’t. I did see a wide mixture of people as you do in any touristy city. I stood behind four women dressed to the nines and the whole time waiting for the elevator were glued to their phones. I don’t mean texting or taking selfies. I mean looking at themselves as in admiring their gorgeous looking faces. Granted, one of the women out of the group was very pretty. It’s not to say the others weren’t pretty, but the one that stood out of the most was her. The other three women could have been basketball players based on their height around six feet tall. By the time I got to the top and looked around for a bit, I was thirsty but still didn’t get anything to drink. I ended up deciding to go on a few rides and if I could handle them, then I would sky jump off the tower. Needless to say, I only made it on two of the rides.

The first ride was good except looking down made me dizzy due to the spinning. This set me up for failure and wanting the second ride to be over. It was too jerky. I was legitimately dizzy and nauseous after I got off the second ride. I sort of wish the couple in front of me wasn’t there, but so be it. I also wanted to test myself to see if the height would bother me. Not really. I felt secure. Once it was over, I needed something to drink pronto. The ride home was longer than usual due to rush hour traffic and good thing someone was driving me home. I got home and popped two Advil, drank more water, and ate something. I feel better now or else I wouldn’t be writing this. My partner took a few videos as I couldn’t convince him to go with me. Switching topics, I’m looking forward to the next episode of Blacklist and The Handmaid’s Tale and writing reviews on them. I’m continuing to make progress with my first novel and dabbling here and there with my second and third novel idea. We also have someone staying with us for a night so there is that. I better get on with my life and be productive so until more later.

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