Journal Entry Type #97: More Prioritizing and Less Other

I think I’m going to reach my 100 journal entry type before I write another poem, flash fiction story, or finish my first novel. I hope that’s not the case. This is becoming really stupid in a way. I thought of all the great ways to start this blog entry. Some quip about some random topic. I got nothing. I’ve been listening to some of my CDs (remember those circle things that you can sort of see your reflection in?) from when I listened to music. It’s a blast to the past with my eclectic tastes: Loreena McKennitt, Weezer, NIN, Ani Difranco, Queen, David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins, FYC, Madonna, Alice in Chains, and more. Remember the tape cassette with the broken CD player? I threw mine away a long time ago but still have my Panasonic speakers and subwoofers. Why? I don’t know. It’s been incredibly hot here and Las Vegas valley is in an excessive heat advisory. A few days ago it was going to reach 118 but now it’s down to a high of 115. This is unlike the place where certain cities are getting too much rain, but again when you live in the desert, you don’t get much rain. This is definitely the case this year as the rings near Hoover Dam and Lake Mead are glaring to the eye. It’s the lowest it’s been for a while, which means water is scarce so not good for CA, AZ, and NV. On my two days off, I plan on doing more of the same of proofreading, writing, reading, watching TV/news, and trying to beat my current score on DX Ball. I don’t have much to offer besides feeling I’m sort of in a time warp in some ways and a time loop in other ways. I took this picture the other day. I thought the marquee lighting was catchy and it also reminded me of Boogie Nights, which I also listened to the other day. The soundtrack has great songs on it. With music on my mind, it is now time for bed. Goodnight.

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