Documentary Recommendation: Val (2021)

“It’s important to be yourself. What art does for everyone, helps you understand yourself and in a distilled way, whether it’s a painting or a scene in acting or a joke. It distills something about everyday life that can be important to you.”

-Val Kilmer-

For sake of time and because Val Kilmer does a good job explaining himself of his childhood, marriage, divorce, children, and being a Hollywood actor, I don’t need to write too much more. This documentary speaks of the impacting moments during this life that will live with him until his death. Some of it is heartbreaking, other parts uplifting, and the rest is life as most people know it. Except he’s Val Kilmer and if you know anything about Val Kilmer, he’s more than Iceman from Top Gun and Batman from well Batman Forever. He’s a complex person that recognized the rewards and pitfalls of Hollywood along the way. He’s also a human being that happened to be an actor for whom cancer did not care. Now in his early 60s, he’s still eccentric and maybe this documentary serves as a reminder to all us: don’t pass judgment on others you’ve never met or even said hi too (in the general sense). Because in the end with the majority out there, very few will remember you even existed 100 years from now except family members if they are interested in their ancestors. Maybe this documentary reminds us to live our lives as best we can even in the worst times because there’s no other way around it but through it.

I rate Val 90% of GREAT at Four Fingers

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