Poem: The Depths of Life

I remember there was a time I looked forward to the morning sun.
The way the rays made lines through the blinds on the opposite wall.
There’s something powerful about that, the amount of energy.
I know I can’t be like Icarus and get too close to the sun.
Even if I could, I would be wasting my time.
That kind of madness is reserved for those with the letters E, W, and G.
I’m not sure the exact location of hallway around the world.
All I know is I exist as others can see my shadow on the walkway.
It cast a thinness my real body doesn’t have. 
A different kind of life, stylish and confident, beaming high not low.
Like those rays of sun, I can never maintain well, but still try.
I went to bed early last night and fell asleep before the moon appeared.
I know I will be rested tomorrow when I do it again tonight.
Life continues in such a way where I belong in silence.
No one can know the depths of everything within me.
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