Poem: Make Believe Forest

Near the outskirts of the forest, a fox and bear reside.
They have been friends for more than five years.
Their cubs and kits have played with each other.
They are two mamas ready to defend their turf.
One day an owl flew into their domain with a chick barely alive.
She was frantic and moving in circles around the fox and bear.
The bear cocked her head to the side with an expression of surprise.
The fox was calm and moved the chick with her paw.
This featherless oddity got further away from her mama.
What could the owl do but stare in fear?
Either way her baby was in danger left to nature or rolled away.
There was no guarantee the fox wouldn’t eat the baby in one gulp.
The owl hopped after the fox, but the bear stopped her. 
She waited as long as her body allowed her and took flight.
Out of arms reach from the bear, she flew in circles over the forest.
She spotted the fox. It had changed colors and was white.
It could not have been more than three minutes past the introduction.
One would never guess the baby to be alive, but it was moving.
Slowly, at first, and picked up speed until it was running.
Away in excitement or terrifying death, none of the mama’s were sure.
Not the bear with a grin, the fox with a smile, and the owl with a frown.

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