Documentary Recommendation: The Social Dilemma (2020)

The Social Dilemma is a documentary about social media and the unexpected consequences it created long after it was born from Facebook (now Meta), Twitter, Google, and more. The people interviewed speak of the addiction, manipulation, and profiteering behind these tech companies and most of them are former Silicon Valley employees. These companies all play a huge role in the current spread and rise of conspiracy theories, misinformation, and suicide rates. The first question this documentary asks is what the ultimate price of using social media and the second question asks what can remedy these negative changes in people social media creates. Besides the increased addiction to your cell phone and changing how you communicate, there is the fact that social media platforms have become purely monetizing machines without regard to the consumer. Even those speaking about this have their own addictions to social media and while there has been some change to how these tech companies are run, there is more responsibility and accountability for these companies but also parents and everyone who use social media platforms.

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