Journal Entry Type #126: Short and Sweet!

I’m still breathing although I’m still blowing my nose and coughing. Do yourself a favor and buy Mucinex Instasoothe throat lozenges (honey flavor is better than mint flavor). I continue to work like most of us around the world and try to enjoy the days off from work. I’m looking forward to moving although when I’m in the middle of packing I know I’ll be rethinking my tune. I only had one day off this week. It’s getting hotter out and will be in the low 90s this coming week. There’s not much else to say except it boggles my mind why people think video gaming should be treated as a sport. It’s not a sport. It’s a damn hobby. It doesn’t belong in the Olympics. Sure, it can be competitive but please, don’t confuse sitting on a couch or chair hitting buttons on your controller be in the same category as swimming or gymnastics. I get times are changing but use your common sense. With me not having much to talk about means little news is good news or what I want to share although there’s not much to share at the moment. This is me at my brutally honest self. I’m looking forward to the weekend already so I can write and do other things besides working.

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