Day: March 9, 2022

Random Calendar Info #7

King Cobras can reach 18 feet long and lives by eating other snakes. Gugliemo Marconi claimed to receive the first wireless signal across the Atlantic in 1901. Carlo Ponzi around 1920 defrauded 15 million dollars from his victims. Mickey Mantle retired from baseball in… Continue Reading “Random Calendar Info #7”

Movie Recommendation: The Card Counter (2021)

The Spades of The Card Counter Ever since I saw him on A Most Violent Year, I knew Oscar Isaac was an actor to keep watching. This particular movie, dark and gritty in its material, because this is what Paul Schrader does as a… Continue Reading “Movie Recommendation: The Card Counter (2021)”

Journal Entry Type #125: Nothing but Sickness

You know when you make plans, big plans to you, and they fall through because the minute your three-day weekend starts, you feel sick. This led me to being cooped up in my bedroom, trying to sleep through my raging sore throat and massive… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #125: Nothing but Sickness”

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