Journal Entry Type #127: Music and Gelato Does Help Life Be More Tolerable

I’ve been on a huge music kick. I’ve been listening to classical to jazz music and forgetting about all the rest of current music that sounds the same. When I listen to music in my car, I change it to jazz or classical. I’m at a juncture in my life where writing should be taking most of my attention and exercise the second most and yet I’m not doing either. I haven’t been jogging in a long time, mainly because I’m waiting to see the doctor, although I have been walking and did lose weight. I would love to lose 15 more pounds although the fact I’ve also been on a gelato kick isn’t helping any. The place where I get gelato has the best presentation of gelato I’ve ever seen although I haven’t been to that many gelato joints.

I saw my first ladybug while walking and the birds have come back to chirp outside my window. I no longer can keep my window open because they wake me up in the morning. The air conditioner has been running on and off for a month now due to the warmer weather. I’m looking forward to moving in June. It’s still undecided where and how far away. There isn’t much else left for me to say except one I move and settled in (and by default a new job), I’m looking forward to getting back to the routine I had before 2019. A long time ago, yes, and still here I am trying to live as best I can with what I have and also as a collective whole with the world. Have I mentioned I have a fascination with school buses for some reason? Don’t ask me why. I’m sure this too will wear off. These things eventually do as most everything else does too.

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