FYI: Gas Prices Around the World and in the U.S.A.

We all know gas prices have increased since a few months ago due to inflation and sanctions. According to AAA, the U.S. average gas price for one U.S. gallon is $4.192 for regular gasoline as of today. According to Global Petrol Price, the average price of gasoline converted to one U.S. gallon around the world on March 15th was $5.01. This is similar to the average gas price in Nevada or Hawaii. California is the highest average gas price out of all the states. Here are the top ten highest gas prices in the world with Hong Kong being the priciest of $10.897 when converted to U.S. dollars per U.S. gallon that was on March 28th. Last, here are the average prices of gas in each U.S. state by the date of today, April 3rd.

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