Journal Entry Type #128: Nothing to Say Here So Move On

I’m beginning to fall in a pattern of only blogging once a week which happens to be on my days off of work. I suppose this is what happens when I’m the only one contributing to this blog and no longer working from home. I’ve been mentally in this state of wishing the dam would break and water would come flooding into my life to wash away all the frustration, confusion, and skepticism within myself. I’ve been wanting others who have been misinformed, ignorant, annoyed, neglectful, irritable, and downright passive aggressive to fall off the face of the Earth. It would do society much better to get rid of these people whether they be on the street, work, homes, and elsewhere. It’s not a nice thing to say, but I feel all these people do is emit negativity and such ugliness into the world. I’m not the one to get rid of them nor is it anyone else’s say who can make this choice (not on such a grand scale), but what is the reason for them being here?

My personal time, as limited as it already is despite it just being me to take care of, will get even smaller as I devote my time to moving within the next few months (not sure if I’m delaying the inevitable of staying in NV for another year). I’m excited to move, in a way, because I’ll be closer to a place I can hopefully jog and walk at night. It’s nothing like Runyon Canyon, but it will have to suffice. This is probably a good thing because I’ve been dreading finding out about more about my arthritis. I’ve never really had a definitive answer to whatever is going on with my body and what type of arthritis I have. My blood test came back abnormal and going to see a rheumatologist for whatever is going on with my autoimmune system. This is about all I have to say for now because my butt hurts from sitting in my chair and I want to watch something on TV where I don’t have to sit on my butt.

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