Documentary Recommendation: Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off (2022)

For anyone who thinks Tony Hawk had an easy life, he did not in many ways. Although raised by parents who supported his skateboarding throughout his life, there were things absent that would have made him a more responsible adult. He definitely had his ups and downs during his career as a skater. Until the Wheels Falls Off is a look into how the skating phenomenon changed over time, starting during the years when Stacy Peralta was a professional skater to the 1980s when Peralta sought talented skaters that made videos and competed fiercely in competitions to now with Tony Hawk being in his early 50s and still skating every day. This documentary goes in depth into how Tony Hawk as a skinny kid became Tony Hawk the father of four children with three divorces under his belt. He is the poster skater for how life is a journey, not a competition, although his worst critic was and is himself as the documentary shows. He is one of a handful of professional skaters able to land the 900 on a vertical ramp, which is two-and-a-half mid-air revolutions and first successfully completed it in 1999. I totally believe him when he said he never wanted to be famous. He has contributed much to the skating world and mainly for the kids to have a way to expend their energy. His foundation has created over 500 skating parks in the U.S. and even though his days as a skater-double are over (I’m thinking of Gleaming the Cube and the movie I will soon be watching called Thrashin’), his impact and legacy still continues. As Stacy Peralta said skating is cyclical and good thing it’s still on an upward trajectory. By the way, 1080s are now being landed successfully and most recently by a kid that is now 13 years old. His name is Gui Khury from Brazil.

I rate Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall off Four Fingers and One Thumb at 100%.

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