Journal Entry Type #129: The Day After Earth Day

I normally do something to celebrate Earth Day although I pretty much do it throughout the 365 days of each year. I recycle my paper, plastic, tin cans, aluminum, and more. If you’ve ever been to a recycling center in LA, it’s quite the production. They only take certain containers and definitely not tin cans. The average person in LA doesn’t seem to give a crap about recycling. This is why so many homeless people are fishing through massive garbage bins and home trash cans for recyclables. When I moved to NV, it’s like hardly anyone recycled here compared to LA. The apartment complex I’ve lived in for a while (soon to be moving and thankfully glad in some ways) only got recycling about a year ago. I’ve been searching for new opportunities in the job sector as well as packing some things off and on. It’s going to be a great time lifting boxes down the stairs the current apartment and then up the stairs in the new apartment because living on the second floor has its benefits. I have 30 entries I want to do by the end of this month. I’m not sure if it will happen but I’m going to try. I haven’t wanted to do anything on my days off and find it hard to get the motivation to be productive. I’ve watched a lot of movies and TV but little walking or jogging. I’ve had more disturbing dreams I care to discuss and ideas I don’t have the energy to write down because I’m too tired to get out of bed. I suppose this is what my life is right now with a little bit of thinking in the past and future and seemingly not really caring for the present tense. I can’t tell you how ridiculous certain things are when you look to the examples (Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard or Disney versus Ron DeSantis).

We seem to be looking to the past and drudging up turmoil and traumas for entertainment. It’s a weird and complex thing to have your texts plastered over social media for the world to see. Nothing seems to be sacred and private anymore. Back in the day, you had to get permission to tape someone. Now it’s all systems go and who cares who you embarrass and skew the facts along the way. I get that phone videos can point to what actually happened as well as tape recording someone’s conversations. Every situation has, at least, two sides, and most have many angles, but sometimes I feel the vindictiveness of people has become all the rage for disagreements and conflicts. Divorcing someone used to be private, unless you wanted to have it plastered all over the place by opening your big, fat mouth and blabbing to others. When I saw the trial of Depp and Heard as I was channel surfing (by the way the fact I’m paying 101 dollars for half of the total cable bill each month is ridiculous), I thought why the hell is this on TV and why am I still investing in having cable? The sad thing is many are because we want to take sides. We want to see how old Johnny Depp really looks. We want to think we know what really happened to Amber Heard. A while back I read something where a person said I don’t care about the Will Smith slap of Chris Rock when children are being killed in Ukraine. There’s truth to that. There’s also truth to the concept of male dominance and the alpha male concept in what Will Smith did to Chris Rock. I doubt Fresh Prince is going to be in any movie anytime soon. Last weekend, I decided to buy a few notepads as they symbolize the importance of time and expectations of myself. I doubt I’ll use them anytime soon because to me they belong in their packaging. As they say, step one is having the courage to go outside your comfort zone and do something you normally wouldn’t do. After all, it’s only paper made from a once living tree. I should honor that tree that died to appease my brain that thinks too much in all kinds of ways. Maybe then, I’ll realize the absurdity of buying these in the first place when I’m not going to use them.

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