Advice Type #4: Should You Care About Nerves?

Remember when I said I’d have less time to blog due to moving, let alone do everything else I’m neglecting this past year? Well, all I have time for is one or two more entries before June 1st rolls around. So, this is a short pro and con of a body’s nerves. Hypothetically, we all get on each other’s nerves at one point or a time. We can either decide to react or not to whatever is pissing us off. This is not what I’m talking about. I’m discussing the nerves in your physical body, the ones that signal to you that something is not right, such as your hand touching something hot or your foot being slammed in a door. I’ve had both happen to me. I once touched a hot rock around a firepit while camping as a child. I had to sleep all night long with my hand in a bucket of lake water because it burned whenever I took it out. I also once had a sliding car door slam shut on my foot. My big toe had a nice chunk of skin missing from the bottom of it and surprisingly, not a lot of blood. This got me to thinking as I’ve said it a few times I wish my body didn’t have nerves. I wouldn’t feel any pain. It would be great. The person responded, paraphrasing here, it would be bad because then you wouldn’t know if something was wrong. It wouldn’t be that I’d go out of my way to burn any place on my body or be a daring person looking for trouble. But when I stub my toe or handle something out the microwave, I wouldn’t have to care at all because it wouldn’t be that serious. The force wouldn’t leave evidence such as a bruise or burn. The initial, short pain wouldn’t be there. Whether it’s true or not if women have a higher pain tolerance than men, I do have a high threshold. I’ve had a wire stuck in my cheek for a good week before it could be taken out (from braces). When my foot got slammed in a car door, I hardly reacted. I didn’t yell. Sure, it hurt some but not too bad. What feels worse is my current arthritis. With human evolution, we carried important biological traits with us from our ancestors. I guess nerves are an important part of a human body. I think back to the time when I put roasted almonds in my mouth right from the oven. They sizzled on my tongue and sounded rather cool. When asked if they burned my mouth, I said no. To the average person, s/he would wait until they cooled. That is part of the fun. Maybe, I’m weird. Maybe, I’m wacky. Either way, I am stuck with my nerves. Should you care about how your nerves protect you and function? Probably more than I do at the moment. I find them cumbersome and annoying much like taking a shower. I’d rather spend my time doing something else, but no one likes me stinking up the place. That’s all I have for today. The wonders of the human body.

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