Poem: Committed

Woke up from a dream
or was it a nightmare, 
to be the heroine of the fight
and win the battles of tests and wills,
to see who has the sharpest mind of all.

Gathering courage along the path,
knowing it was among the trees all along
and the birds do sing their songs
at all hours of the morning and night,
when you are trying to rest for a while.

Repeating sounds and handshakes
with funny looking strangers
and mild acquaintances from a week ago,
don't say too much and don't be too quiet,
among everyone in formation, he knows 
which are the best soldiers. 

A sequence of flying spears 
and sharp daggers,
aimed at ankles, stomachs, and necks,
he is the general of them all,
the commander with no regrets and fears.

From a distance, far away from the battle,
is the heroine with long hair 
ready at a moment's notice when the men 
fail to produce a winning result, 
the dream awakens and nightmare will fall asleep.

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