Journal Entry Type #140: Middle of the Road and Year

We’re inching closer to December. One month at a time. I have so much to say but not much because it’s similar to past blogs. Unless you’ve won the lottery or discovered a new element, your life is going to be pretty much a bunch of mundane days piled into a week piled into a month piled into a year. Is this to say the majority of us are living our lives half living and half dying? I’m not sure although sometimes it feels that way. Due to working and soon finding a new type of work, I’ve been feeling as if I’m living in repeat and repeat. My eating habits aren’t so great in the month of moving. The weekends are dedicated to unpacking and watching TV and eating gelato. The weekdays do not leave me much time because of my wacky work schedule but I’ve been feeling very lazy. I’ve acquired a sore right elbow since moving. It’s even hard to lift light objects. The protruding knob on it should be indication something is wrong. Yeah, I need to go to the doctor since icepacks really isn’t helping. I’m hoping to get back into a more structured lifestyle on my days whether working or not. On this fine note, time to get a few more blogs in before the end of the month.

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