Random Calendar Info #20

Volcanic rock tower called Great Dog Peak is 1,266 feet or 386 meters tall in Central Africa.

Senkwekwe Mountain Gorilla Center was established in 2009.

Hello Kitty was created in 1974.

Mount Rushmore was carved in 1930, 1936, 1937, and 1939.

John DeLorean only produced one car design and was used in Back to the Future movies.

Pompeia married Julius Caesar in 67 B.C.

Tallest radio transmitter is in Italy and stands 938 feet or 286 meters tall.

Nami is a 2.5 mile wide privately owned island in South Korea.

The Split Apple Rock in New Zealand was created during the ice age.

Nizwa Fort in Oman was built during the Ya’rubid dynasty.

Cohonina is more than likely the ancestors of Hopi and Zuni people.

Jains have to climb 4,000 stairs in order to reach one of their temples.




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