Summertime TV Review: Season 3

The end of a TV series with not much substance and a whole lot of partying comes to an end and some other TV shows should take note. Back to Summertime and why you shouldn’t watch it if you’re wanting a deserved finale but definitely watch it until the end if you’ve committed to the first two seasons. I mean sometimes shows are so bad that they are good. You should watch it for the great views of the Adriatic coast all while keeping in mind the bad character arcs. I will say the ending was not a fairy tale ending but realistic in some ways so kudos for that. I mean the evolution from awkward teenager to young adult is displayed throughout the three seasons. The relationship between Summer (Summy) and Alessandro (Ale) comes to typical conclusion. Plus, Summer found a new friendship in Luca and has found a renewed sense of interest in music. It’s not the worst show I’ve seen, okay maybe one of them, but I still watched it. I couldn’t say the same with other shows.

I rate Season Three of Summertime THREE FINGERS at 80%

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