Advice Type #6: Should You Dye Your Hair?

I had thought up a topic that wasn’t controversial a few days ago but have now forgotten what it was except it was tantamount to should you believe in UFOs? Okay, maybe it’s controversial with some people. I think one of my high school teachers who looking back clearly died her hair. When I was in her class, she was in her forties. It wasn’t only her height that was tall, but she was slender. It was black much like you see when people dye their hair. I’ve done my fair share of it such as blue, red (that looked more dark pink), green, and jet black, which my mom hated to no end because she thought it looked too harsh on my face. Now that I’m older (not exactly thrilled) and wiser (or so I hope), I don’t want to waste my money on dying my hair every month. I’m not a fan of my white hair, but I detest taking the time to dye my hair whether it be me or in some salon. I’ve said being natural is the best in many instances, but I also think modifications to one’s body is good too and sometimes necessary especially if it helps the person’s outlook on life. Granted, there are extremes as most of us have seen the terrible over-usage of plastic surgery. If I have the money and temperament, I would probably get mild plastic surgery and might even dye my hair a few times a year. The thing is no matter how hard you try to stop aging, it will happen on the inside and outside. It can definitely be slowed down. I know a few people who have done that by being pure physical fitness freaks in terms of health wise. For all the errors the screwed up rules and practices the English royal family needs to abide by, I do commend Prince William for not being embarrassed or shamed for his baldness. He basically doesn’t give a crap (at least it seems that way) what people think of his hair or lack thereof. I know I’ve spoken before about Rob Lowe commenting on Prince William’s hairline. There’s more to life than looks. Yet, looks do matter. It is how we base some of our attraction when we are looking for a partner. It’s hard to be with someone you find unattractive. It’s not something to be said as mean but it’s different strokes for different folks. Maybe, I should be more forceful in my answer. Not try to be Switzerland all the time. Try to appeal to both sides or many sides. I suppose in the long run, 50 years from now, should you dye your hair? I say, yes by all means, but with the reminder that overdoing it can cause hair breakage and loss.

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