Flash Fiction: Getting the Message

I thought of this idea as a short story or something I’d like to incorporate into a novel idea. I’ve been floating this around my head for some time and while it never really came out the way I liked on paper, one that made it understandable, I decided to post it anyway. It’s sort of two ideas wrapped into one and sort of a book exercise where you just write an interior monologue. I did that in my journal and didn’t like it too much as my mind wandered and the end of amounted to smelly trash from an equally smelly trash can. The premise is an angel wanting to communicate with a living human being but not being able to reach him or her (haven’t decided yet who the person is in terms of sex or maybe it doesn’t matter). The angel has had some major failures at redemption when a mortal being so in a way the angel is trying to make amends for past mistakes. Obviously, it’s not all sorted out but again, it’s only a book exercise (sort of).

I come from an extensive list of fallen angels, once fallen people, once fallen enemies, but all of them considered useless and worthy of unmarked graves in the end of their mortal lives. There is wisdom I can depart to all of you, those who will listen to me, those who don’t think of me as a ghost wanting to hurt them, but my remaining senses I have are for one person only. The problem is the person only take my advice halfway and discards the rest when life doesn’t hand her what she wants and what she thinks she deserves. She has the power, advantage, and intellect to have it all, but she is scared. She is fearful and anxious. She believes she is not ready when she is fully capable and more than ready to take the plunge off the hesitant cliff. There is not an option of failure for her even though she believes failure will occur. The chances of failure are so slim that it would take a mighty fuck up to screw all the arduous work she has put into her blood, sweat, and tears. She is stronger than she thinks. Life is not sliding backward for her. She has to open her eyes and see what it is that is in front of her and that is opportunity, growth, and excellence. I must not have her follow the path I did when I was mortal. I do not want her to make the same mistakes I did when I could taste life in a different kind of way. I want her to know I am always with her, no matter what, no matter where, and no matter how much she stops believing in herself. I will always be around.

Before my life after death, I was a breathing man with needs and wants. I had dreams of influencing people around the world. I couldn’t imagine the ways one can spread information around when I was alive. All information moves so quickly and quietly all hours of the day and night. One doesn’t need to ride a horse to carry a message or rely on trusted confidant to pass a message to another trusted person. All you need are your fingers to type or vocal cords to speak. Hit record and there is someone behind it trying to influence you whether good or bad. I thought I had good advice to give but now I understand why I was born to begin with. My existence wasn’t to offer my own advice to others but to have someone more worthy with a better way of translating my messages to the world. The only problem is back then was a simpler time compared to the present time. She must find her own voice, her own inspiration, her own messages to tell. The biggest gift I can give her is getting out of her way. I feel a part of her is drowning and she doesn’t know how to begin again when her reality is not mirroring the image she had in her head twenty years ago. The picture she has now doesn’t mirror the image she was meant to have and as people she once knew have already died, I’m afraid she is giving up a part of her life that used to mean something to her. She has lost that spark I often reminded her of when she was sleeping through a creature she knew to be her ally and while she was awake through spurts of energetic emotion passing through her like a positive current.

This is my first nugget of knowledge I departed to her and one she tends to forget because she allows her judgment to cloud her mind. Do not think you are smarter, braver, or better than the person sitting or standing next to you. The only person who matters when it comes to criticism is yourself. It is you who most harshly judges anyone. There is no one else more judgmental than you. Think of the example when you are standing in a lengthy line and waiting as patiently to check out or get your food. When you judge others around you, you are judging yourself. You think to yourself I’m fat but thank God I’m not as fat as that cow. I hate to tell you, but fat is fat. She might eat two large fries and two cheeseburgers in one meal, but you had two donuts the other day your waist did not need. Throw out the comparisons to others and the chill within your body out the window and embrace the softer side of the truth which is there is someone always prettier than you, smaller than you, smarter than you, faster than you, and more opinionated than you. Don’t be that person who makes it harder than yourself. Life was never supposed to be easy for anyone despite what you might see on the news or hear secondhand. No one is immune. Not the millionaire with the spoon stuck up his ass. Not the billionaire with the spoon further stuck up his ass. I once belonged until I lost.

I began this challenge, this journey, to shed light on a new kind of path she needs to walk. I can only guide her so far. She has ignored my prompts and symbols. I am hoping that is where people reading this will see beyond her physical self and see the mysteries she holds within her, the sparks she knows is there but is not brave enough to commit fully to seeing how tall they can really be.

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