Journal Entry Type #147: TV Imitates Life

I used to believe the world was in front of me, full of possibilities, and while I somewhat still believe this, another part of me is less convinced the world has an infinite number of possibilities. I don’t think everyone born onto this planet (Earth at the moment) is on the same footing. It is clear not everyone is equal in many areas. Let’s face it some individuals within groups are viewed as prettier or more handsome. Not everyone has the equal opportunities to be “all they can be” or “live up their highest potential.” The chances of making it in this world mean different things to different people. To me, earning a six-figure income would be equivalent to being a millionaire for others. If I happened to become a millionaire through my hard work (because it definitely wouldn’t be handed to me on a gold platter by some rich long-lost relative).

There are two current shows I am watching that resemble worldly events in many ways and not so much in other ways and then one show that already came and went that is remains relevant until humans blow up the Earth or Earth extinguishes future humans. The first show is The Handmaid’s Tale and besides the character of June, the other dominant character even though it doesn’t have a face is the religion it uses to subjugate women and in some cases men. This religion I’m speaking of is a conservative line of Christianity. As of today, the United States is forever trying to find resolution among the denominations and smaller groups within Christianity. The current state of the three branches of U.S. government has blurred and not in a good way. The approval of the Supreme Court is at its lowest. The approval rating of the President hasn’t been that remarkable since the second Bush and Obama.

The other show is House of the Dragon and how family turmoil is bound to happen when power, greed, and dragons are involved. Sure, dragons are a part of mythology and don’t exist. What continues to exist is willing and forced family sexual relationships. Nobility may have kept their power within their own family lines, but it causes a lot of other problems, the main one being genetic inferiority. Greed and power exist in any circle whether it be five people or a million people. There has been a shift in the last few years where powerful forces are disrupting families and tearing them apart, let alone the population as a whole across the world. I’ve heard that politics is not something you discuss at the dinner table. It’s also like a hammock, where it swings back and forth, left and right, and lands somewhere back in the middle when people are less prone to reaction.

The last show I’m watching has run its course already and it’s called Bosch. While it exposes the business and criticisms of any large police department in the U.S., it is pretty accurate and strives to be as realistic as possible. The detectives come with baggage, the suits keep their mouths shut, and the beat cops are oftentimes just trying to survive like the rest of us. I don’t think the world is completely dark or unworthy of living. I know there’s more out there, however simple it may be compared to my dreams in my head, and as in an episode of Bosch where a sixteen-year-old died because someone thought of him as a threat, he was a non-threat. While he was far from innocent, he didn’t deserve to die, much like many people who aren’t characters in movies or shows don’t deserve to die despite his or her past wrongdoings. This is what I end on, which is don’t lose sight of the wall because eventually something will change, and you’ll need something to lean on.

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