Random Advice Type #12: What Can We Learn Today?

The same mottos or mantras continue today as they did five years ago. I’m sure you heard these before: you can’t change the past, but you can change your future. The glass is half full not half empty. Choose your battles. Your mindset is everything. Live your day to the fullest. There are others that aren’t as popular. One for me was act or accept. To me this meant act on what you want in life or accept the things you currently have and further accept nothing will change. The second one was you create your opportunities. It’s self-explanatory. There are times other variables are involved but the person creating the opportunity must be present at all times. The third one is vision without action is only a daydream which is a Japanese proverb. I’ve done enough daydreaming to last me several lifetimes. Besides putting your fears aside and finding the courage to succeed or fail (no outcome is 100%), continue attempting and breathing. It’s simple advice on paper and that is what I needed to start the gears again.

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