Pinball, Anyone?

Instead of trying to jam pack as much as possible into two days, I decided to not do this and try something that wouldn’t take much planning or time or money. I ended up going to the pinball museum in LV. Trust me, it was something cheap, no planning, and carried a bag full of quarters with me. I didn’t use them all because I’m not a gamer and can count on one finger how many times I played pinball before today and one hand how many times I’ve played a video game. I admit the older games were fun to look at although not quite up on the current times when it comes to culture and wished more of them worked. The pinball machines from the 80s and 90s had more bells and whistles but not all of them worked either. Much of the older games were for show and not operable. I did like some of the 80s games, but my favorite was Burger Time. It reminded me of Donkey Kong. What I assume is a really old game, my favorite was Wacky Gator. Enjoy the photos as I took too many and if you’re ever in Las Vegas, the Pinball Machine is a place to check out for historical reasons and having a little fun along the way.

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