Journal Entry Type #150: Don’t Underestimate Your Body

I spent yesterday watching the midterm elections. I spent today watching a minor surgery and having unexpected reaction to either food I ate earlier or the combination of watching syringes shooting lidocaine into someone and the smell of burnt flesh as the skin was cut open. This led to me having to excuse myself and head to the bathroom. I missed the bulk of the actual surgery, which is probably a good thing because the initial effects were sudden. I’ve never experienced this before where in the standing position I felt warm all over my body. I started seeing stars and became dizzy. The second time it felt I was in a tunnel and was losing my hearing. The nurse told me to get some fresh air outside because the room was “stuffy” as she said. The question I asked myself was this as I was outside. Was it food poisoning because I’ve had it before and had similar reactions or was it my aversion to needles (because they make me queasy)? I really wanted to be there for the person getting the surgery but was only half there. I suppose better to be there half throttle than not at all. I was not only moral support but physical support because the four syringes became about twelve injections. I thought about all the things I could been doing such as any of the activities I do in my free time on the ride to the doctor’s office. The funny thing is I had taken the day off for other reasons. It just happened to be the same day as this person’s surgery. I care a lot for this person and so it was worth going. I sometimes play this game where we ask each other how much money is needed for you to do this or that. Knowing what I know now, it would take some serious convincing to go again. Good to know my body knows what to do.

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