Day: November 9, 2022

Journal Entry Type #150: Don’t Underestimate Your Body

I spent yesterday watching the midterm elections. I spent today watching a minor surgery and having unexpected reaction to either food I ate earlier or the combination of watching syringes shooting lidocaine into someone and the smell of burnt flesh as the skin was… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #150: Don’t Underestimate Your Body”

Random Calendar Info #34

The Blue Forest in Belgium is covered with bluebells in the spring. Lac Assal is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world. John Adams became the first U.S. president to reside in the White House. The first Godzilla film was in… Continue Reading “Random Calendar Info #34”

Random Calendar Info #35

Google Chrome had 70% of the worldwide web market in 2020. Sesame Street premiered in 1969. American Legion is the largest veterans service organization in the U.S. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod around 1750. There are 14 villages in the small island of… Continue Reading “Random Calendar Info #35”

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