Journal Entry Type #151: Set and Reset

The best advice I can give someone who is just starting out in life such as in their early twenties or even early thirties, is expect the unexpected. I know I’ve said this before, but I never thought I’d be in this position I’m in now. Seriously, I’ve never thought I would be here but yet, here I am without many things I thought I’d have and the one thing I thought I’d never have. Sure, I thought I’d leave this world in a blaze of glory (with tons of fortune and fame) in the most perfect setting and timing. I knew this would never happen the way I wanted it and the more the years go by, I’m convinced it was a pipe dream, so far out of range it’s not even within any of the time zones on Planet Earth. When you graduate high school, many graduates want to earn the big bucks like some Wall Street yuppie but fail to realize many of them have to take drugs to keep up with their fellow co-workers who also want to earn the big bucks. This is why I have little respect for anyone who owns a business and then demands unrealistic work expectations. I know many people looked up to and admire Steve Jobs, but the guy did not have a good work and home balance. This isn’t to say he would’ve lived longer because cancer will destroy as cancer does. For those who are in good health, why create such friction and unnecessary chaos when it doesn’t need to occur. On a much smaller scale, I know of a company whose management is young and inexperienced, which is fine because these new managers need to learn the ropes, but what isn’t good is their inability to listen especially to others who have been around ten or more years longer than them. There is such a thing as proving yourself and another thing of proving yourself while destroying what’s in front of you including the company as a whole. It’s not good management or business practice to over economize. When this happens, the structural flow is disrupted more, and the end productivity and result are lessened. I’m taking this mindset concerning my life. I’ve thought about moving out of state, to another country, to another Planet (just kidding). I’m thinking it’s time to try a whole bunch of things (and by this, I mean two or three things) and see what sticks and what doesn’t) in terms of opportunities. What’s there to lose? My pride? My mind? I’m trying to think outside my comfort zone. I’m trying to see what’s really out there in terms of entrepreneurial opportunities with minimal risk. If not now, when? What I’m doing right now isn’t working for me! Yeah, not so much!

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