TV Show Recommendation: Covert Affairs (2010-2014)

Covert Affairs is about a CIA agent, Annie Walker, finding a balance between secrecy with her sister, Danielle Brooks and success as a new operative under the command of Joan Campbell. Good thing she has a support network, though small, in Auggie Anderson and Jai Wilcox. As she becomes more experienced and confident in her skills, her superiors find her more of a liability than an asset at times. They continue to have her back and give her protection until she goes too far in her lying and reckless decisions. Annie still finds a way to be in the middle of operations and uses her skills to shed light on the bad guys while trying to minimize the casualties of innocent bystanders. There are times it straddles between realism and fantasy but that is the skill of an operative. They make you believe something they are not and while some scenes feel more soap opera like, the relationships between Auggie and Annie and Joan and Arthur Campbell truly feel authentic. Besides Annie’s missions she is assigned and how she gets out of them when she’s in trouble is why you watch it. The cast and supporting cast include Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett, Anne Dudek, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Peter Gallagher, Hill Harper, Nic Bishop, Oded Fehr, Gregory Itzen, Sarah Clarke, Noam Jenkins, Eion Bailey, Richard Coyle, and Perrey Reeves.

I rate Covert Affairs FOUR FINGERS at 90%.

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