Poem: Night

Wrong or not, you continue to fight
for what is right 
within you own eyesight.
No one thinks about the cost,
doing something good or bad,
until it ripples through us all.

Moonless and starless,
only darkness at night,
can’t see who is right despite the bitter night.

Powerful men and women don't bite,
don't pay attention to those of us who fight.
They ignore when we say please 
and thank you, ignore the curses of the agitator 
and the mitigator.

Appropriate or not, you jump and quickly get out,
praying for their self-doubt, but knowing
you are deeply wrong.

Terrible and awful, 
cursing you all the way through,
won’t know the other side until they're
done with you.

Certain people know what they are,
don’t care about anything or anyone.
No amount of sin will wash away
dirty hands and feet.

Voiceless and earless,
Only silence at night,
Can’t hear who is crying in sight,
That’s not how they fight.

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