(Short) Movie Review: The Outfit (2022)

It’s at the finishings that you must come to terms with the idea that perfection is a necessary goal, precisely because it is unattainable. If you don’t aim for perfection, you cannot make anything great. And yet true perfection is impossible.

-Leonard Burling-

Mark Rylance is an underrated actor and I encourage everyone to watch this movie as it shows the greatness of writing, casting, and editing to make it a captivating drama movie without car chases, superheroes, and many locations. In fact, there is one location throughout the whole movie and yet, you feel as if you’ve experienced the story from many different angles. There is little missing in this movie to make it better. The scenes unfold in the right amount of time and speed up when needed. The Outfit is written by Graham Moore and Johnathan McClain and stars Mark Rylance as Leonard Burling, Zoey Deutch as Mable Shaun, Dylan O’Brien as Richie Boyle, Johnny Flynn as Francis, Simon Russell Beale as Roy Boyle, Alan Mehdizadeh as Monk, and Nikki Amuka-Bird as Violet LaFontaine. It is rated R and is one hour and 46 minutes.

The location is in a tailor shop in Chicago during the mid 1950s where Leonard is quick to establish there is a difference between a cutter and a tailor. Leonard’s shop is used by Roy Boyle and his son, Richie, for their mob business. When Richie arrives with a gunshot in his stomach, Leonard helps him survive his wounds and finds himself in a delicate situation. There is an FBI recording of the gang’s operations and where the tape actually is remains a mystery. When Roy arrives to get answers about his son’s disappearance, Leonard continues his charade of not knowing what really happened to Richie. No one is going anywhere according to Roy and when an unexpected call comes into the shop, someone’s going to have to answer for Richie. The complete mystery of Leonard is no more as he reveals his motivations. The past becomes the present and the present becomes his future.

I rate The Outfit FOUR FINGERS and ONE THUMB at 100%.

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