Journal Entry Type #152: What Difference a Week Makes!

It’s been a long three years since I lost my job during COVID. I wasn’t able to replace what I had lost quickly. It took quite a long time and there were many instances where I was certain all the doors were closed to me. I was certain that the opportunities out there didn’t apply to me. I tried my best to hold it together as much as I could, knowing I was never that well off to begin with, but at least, I was able to live with less worry. I was offered a job only a few days ago and yet, it seems like a whole new kind of day. I knew it wouldn’t solve all my problems and I’d have a probationary period like all jobs have. I put my best foot forward during my interviews, was confident but not cocky, and had no expectations. I had to move forward and explore my options such as possibly going back to school or keep applying to jobs with vigor. Here I am finishing my last two weeks in my current job before countless people celebrate Christmas and I’ll be off on the 24th and 25th. Maybe, there’s a little more to be happy about and rejoice this year. I’ll also be off on January 1st or maybe I’m assuming I will be because in my future job I don’t think will make people work on the 31st of December into the 1st because it falls on the weekend. I’m reminding myself to be calm and know I can handle what my duties will be in my new job much like I was able to do in my current job when I first started. Everyone has a learning period with something new and look forward to learning new skills but more the chance to grow with the company. While I could’ve answered some questions better during the interviews, I left knowing I had given it my best. As I said before, money isn’t everything, but it does mean something when it comes to survival.

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