Random Advice Type #13: Look Where You Are Walking

You shouldn’t keep your head down when you’re walking on a sidewalk or during a crosswalk. You should be aware of what’s in front of you. You shouldn’t have your eyes glued to your phone either as many people do. The thing is when you are walking down the stairs people rarely look down because they have the spatial ability to gauge when to step down each step and when their feet is on level ground. Sometimes it is best to look down once in a while. If I had, I wouldn’t have twisted my ankles, landed on my knees, and rolled onto my back. The second piece of advice to give you is after you tumble (without broken bones or anything serious) is to find the humor in it. Call it what it is but I was laughing after it happened because the description of what I did was hilarious by the person who said it. Take it from me. Put your phone down when you’re driving or walking. The only time you should be on your phone is when you are sitting or standing. Like I say you can be as careful as you want, but you don’t control what others are doing. Better to have a mild concussion than brains on the highway (wear a helmet). Better to have whiplash and bruises than fly through a windshield. You get the point. Take precautions but when the unexpected happens, keep perspective and carry on.

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