Random Calendar Info #41

If you need to bail out of a street luge, stay with your board if you can. If you can’t, slide on your back with your feet pointing downhill and move your arms to a 45-degree angle. Put your palms down and pressure with your right hand to move right and left hand to move left. Try to bend your knees on impact and hit with your balls of your feet not your heels.

If you are near a rabid animal with foam or locked jaw, move away from the animal. If you are bitten, wash it with soap and water, then wrap it in a bandage or cloth. Go to the hospital for medical attention and call animal control so they can catch the animal.

If you are lost in the jungle, find water by cutting water vines or banana trees. Don’t drink water from rivers as it will give you diarrhea. When you eat, don’t eat colored plants or milky sap as these poisonous. It is safe to eat insects, grubs, and raw fish without spines or bristles. There are diarrhea-causing bacteria so peel fruits if you eat any of them.

If you need to ram a barricade, the weakest point is usually the lock is or side that opens. Use the rear of your car to ram the gate and drive 30 to 45 mph. Duck before impact as your window might break.

If you need to perform a fast 180-degree turn with a car, accelerate to 45 mph, put the car into neutral, remove foot of gas and turn wheel 90 degrees while pulling on the emergency brake, put the car into drive when the rear swings around and return wheel to original position, and step on gas to move car.

If you are in the back of a car trunk against your will, pull the cable release and get the seats down if possible. If there are tools in the trunk, use it to open the latch and kick the brake lights out by yanking wires or using your legs. This will allow you to signal to other drivers you need help.

If you need to escape from a charging rhino, climb a tree, run for scrub brush, run in the opposite direction, and as a last resort stand your ground and shout.

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