Journal Entry Type #159: I Can Barely Keep Up!

I understand that in order to have followers, you need to follow others on social media. I get the concept of tit for tat, give a little to get a little, but here’s the thing for me. I simply don’t have the time. I really don’t have the time because by the time I get home from my work commute, which is going to take longer because of my future change in my schedule, some days it will take me about an hour to get home. I sometimes miss driving to and from work on swing shift because traffic was lighter although at times it wasn’t. Try driving home on a Friday during rush hour in Las Vegas. It’s not as bad as Los Angeles but still bad enough to question sometimes why I live here. I’m also doing more overtime because of my work. This is okay to me because I don’t mind the extra money. I suppose all I can do the rest of 2023 is begin my routine of working out every other day (started yesterday by jogging and walking) and writing on the weekends (hopefully this coming weekend).

I used to be more up to date on the holidays of the year. Tomorrow is going to be International Women’s Day and only found out about it through a co-worker. I used to be really into Earth Day and do my best to contribute to helping and healing the planet. I feel so guilty because let me tell you something. Las Vegas doesn’t make it easy to recycle and half the stuff I used to recycle when I lived in Los Angeles, you can’t recycle here. Why does it have to be so damn difficult? I feel like I’m dishonoring my dad by not recycling more. He used to rip off labels of tin cans 365 days of the year. I looked up places to recycle but you have to either be a part of UNLV (which I’m not) or cater to people that own homes. What about people that live in apartments? I feel like I’m not doing my part although I did see a DeLorean recently.

There is recurrent training at my work that is becoming more integral to all employees. I’m recommending to everyone because despite some people thinking it’s all a crock of shit. The book I’m reading does have some good information in it. I definitely want to improve in the four areas everyone finds themselves when it comes emotions. It is true that I still wish for a smarter brain even though it will never happen. I’ve got to make due with the little brain I was given. However, I can improve on how perceive, manage, and handle emotions. The book not only tells you where your strengths and weaknesses are, but steps to take to improve your emotional intelligence. This is sort of get out of it what you put into it meaning if you are paying attention to what you are reading, then you will get something out of it by the end of the book. If you half ass it, then you won’t get much out of it and probably didn’t care too much about it from the beginning.

This is sort of where I am right now. I’m in a learning phase in my work and personal life. I’m slowly getting back to taking the steps to better myself. I almost got rid of all my social media accounts because I don’t visit them as much and find myself wasting time when I log into them like FB and Instagram. I’m not on WP as much as I used to be either. The only reason I keep it is because I’d like some kind of platform to post my writings and other things. Sometimes, I wonder how many people are aware of my blog around the world because it appears to be not that many. It’s definitely more important to have likes and clicks and emojis these days than anything else. I sometimes think I should say screw it and post videos on YouTube about silly subject matter like me playing video games (which I can count on one hand how many times I’ve done this) at the advice of someone I know. This would never happen because I have more pressing things to do in my life that seems to get shorter by the week. I did take the time to look at the moon tonight and take a photo of it on my crappy iPhone.

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