Day: March 25, 2023

National Atomic Testing Museum

I probably need to go here again to see everything and listen and watch the videos. There was a lot of stuff there and wasn’t sure if I could take photos. I guess you can’t take videos but I was able to take pictures… Continue Reading “National Atomic Testing Museum”

Book Recommendation: Emotional Intelligence 2.0

When I first started my new job at the end of December, I had some idea what I was getting into but not completely the full picture. I couldn’t have been happier with my decision now almost three months into this job because while… Continue Reading “Book Recommendation: Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

Book Recommendation: The Tao of Willie

I’ve read enough of his book to definitely recommend it. He speaks about his family upbringing and how this influenced his music. He speaks about his current situation at the time it was written when he was in his 70s and speaks about his… Continue Reading “Book Recommendation: The Tao of Willie”

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