Book Recommendation: The Tao of Willie

I’ve read enough of his book to definitely recommend it. He speaks about his family upbringing and how this influenced his music. He speaks about his current situation at the time it was written when he was in his 70s and speaks about his transformations over the years. He includes quips, quotes, lyrics, mantras, and personal stories and advice he calls “The Willie Way.” He speaks of the simplicity that life offers us, but also the difficulties we face as human beings. There are many things out of our control that you have to conquer and forget about in order to live a meaningful life. This is the perfect book for someone who lately has a short attention span and doesn’t want to spend months reading one stinking book although this has taken me much longer than it should. There are times you have to set aside a few plates, in order for all of them not to come down crashing around you. For as much as Willie Nelson transformed himself over 70 plus years, we all can’t attain what he did, but we all have it within ourselves to embrace the messages he wrote for us to read, no matter where you live or what your career path or might be in the future. You too can do the equivalent of what he enjoys: making music and swinging a golf club. It might not be in that order or those particular hobbies or passions, but he would probably say “who cares.” None of us is getting younger. Do what you love (within reason) and do it often.

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