National Atomic Testing Museum

I probably need to go here again to see everything and listen and watch the videos. There was a lot of stuff there and wasn’t sure if I could take photos. I guess you can’t take videos but I was able to take pictures on my phone. There were cameras in every room and no one stopped me so I guess all is good. It still didn’t stop someone from jacking the dog tags in an exhibit, which I called the person who did this a stupid asshole. To see uranium for the first time was an eye opener and to be close to a B57 bomb and Fat Man were cool in some respects. I didn’t take pictures of the photos taken by a journalist after the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but the black and white photos were chilling. One was of a Japanese man that was a U.S. citizen on vacation when the U.S. dropped the bomb. The other was of a Japanese child around the age of 10 holding his younger dead brother. Despite being enemies during WWII, North Korea has replaced Japan as a country in great opposition to the U.S. I recommend this to anyone who visits Las Vegas.

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