Two Very Different Reviews of Netflix Content: Chris Rock (2023) and Money Shot (2023)

There are two things I have never been into, meaning I don’t watch it or really care to watch it, because I can find other things to watch that are more meaningful and worthwhile. One is comedy stand-up routines. The only one I watched was Ellen and I half listened to it while folding my laundry. I’ve seen a handful of Comedy Central Roasts and the jokes are crude, rude, and not for the ears of children. The other one is anything related to porn although I’m more willing to watch a documentary about something controversial if it is done with a moderate amount of objectivity. I thought to myself why not give both a shot and then I went even further and watched another documentary on another streaming service that I won’t review but let’s just say it’s not as bad as what you find on the dark web. Both were eye opening and found The Pornhub Story more worthy to watch because there was definitely a story involved and how wolves can be hiding behind the goodness of sheep. It’s ridiculous to think that pornography and prostitution are empowering women as some proponents argue. Let’s not forget who mainly profits from both and it’s not the porn stars or prostitutes. First of all, there are ways to express yourself sexually without putting yourself in danger physically whether it be beaten up or contracting diseases. The Chris Rock stand-up was good in the fact he did bring up his children living in privilege and teaching his daughters life lessons you can’t find in the classroom. The bit about him asking for his daughter to be kicked out of the private school she was attending was one of the greatest stories he told. The other one, of course, was the slap from Will Smith. He is entitled to his own views and while he dropped the N word way too many times, I wanted to give it a chance although I won’t watch it again. I’m just not into that kind of comedy although I’m not too much into any kind of comedic acts. I don’t get Laurel and Hardy. I never thought the Three Stooges was funny. I’m not turned off by their acts. It’s just not my thing. I prefer SNL skits although they can be a hit or miss and depends a lot on the guest star. I suppose me even talking about these two streaming options shows I should be doing more writing and less watching the TV because I’m not really recommending them. However, I have to admit it would be a shame not to give them a chance.

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