Random Calendar Info #44

If you find yourself getting hit by a car, jump in a tight tuck or ball position (yeah right) with your arms over your head. Turn your shoulder toward the car and brace for impact (probably windshield). Try to roll off the windshield still in a balled up position. Once on the ground, try to get out of danger as fast as possible.

If you find yourself on a running camel, don’t yank on the reins because it won’t stop the camel. Pull the reins to one side so it runs in a circle. Wait until the camel slows down (hopefully it does).

if you find yourself stung by a jellyfish, rinse the skin with seawater, apply white vinegar if you can, remove any tentacles with a credit card or towel.

If you find your scuba tank out of air, signal to your empty tank and if no one can help you, look straight up and exhale continuously as you swim to the surface.

If you find yourself near a bear, back away while making noise. If it is aggressive, remain still and don’t run. If it attacks, try to injure the bear by yanking on its snout or poking the bear’s eyes.

If you fall through a floor, try to push your body up and out of the hole. Don’t kick your legs or reach for furniture close by.

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