Random Calendar Info #45

If you want to test the edibility of a plant, don’t eat for eight hours before eating something new. Separate the plant and make sure it isn’t poisonous. Rub it onto your skin to make sure you get no irritation within 15 minutes. Put the plant on your lips for three minutes, proceed to your tongue for 15 minutes. If you are fine, chew a little bit and hold it in your mouth for 15 minutes. You can swallow it if there is no irritation. Don’t eat anything else for eight hours. If you are fine, you can eat more of the plant. If not, you need to drink water to flush out the toxins from your body.

If you are near a mountain lion, make yourself bigger and throw stones at it if you can. You need to convey you aren’t prey and don’t play dead. Fight back if you are attacked.

If you need to set a signal fire, find an area that won’t start an uncontrollable fire. Don’t start a fire unless you hear or see a rescue helicopter if you have limited supplies. Create high flames to alert rescue teams.

If you find a bird or squirrel in your house, open your window or door and leave the room. Close the door to the room and wait.

If you find yourself in the dark underground, stay calm (I know) and retrace your steps slowly and carefully by remembering features along the way, use your phone or watch for light to help you, and move in the direction of moving air or outdoor light.

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