Day: May 9, 2019

Journal Entry Type #8

There’s many topics to choose from: Tyra Banks cover on Sports Illustrated, the Duke and Duchess of Susssex’s baby, Netflix’s Ted Bundy focus/obsession, Donald Trump’s 1 billion dollar loss according to his taxes, and the costumes/outfits from the Met Gala.  I’m covering none of… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #8”

Random Information and Facts

I decided to put together random information and facts most people would find interesting about three main topics: U.S. presidents (Huffpost), earth (National Geographic), and health/food (Live Science, Livestrong, Time Magazine,, Health24, Houston Chronicle, and Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) ******* Earth’s… Continue Reading “Random Information and Facts”

Poem: I Have Pain

“Hang your head low, don’t look up,” those words were said to me. I had not the slightest idea what direction they came from, Or who said them. It’s not my time to disagree with the disagreeable, When my head hurts from all the… Continue Reading “Poem: I Have Pain”

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