Day: May 12, 2019

Netflix Documentary Recommendation: The Creative Brain (2019)

Quote from The Creative Brain by author Michael Chabon: “There never has been such a thing as true originality.” This was an interesting documentary in that it opened my eyes on that I thought creativity meant in terms of originality and failure.  It is… Continue Reading “Netflix Documentary Recommendation: The Creative Brain (2019)”

Documentary Recommendation: Survivors Guide to Prison (2018)

Statistic from Survivors Guide to Prison: “80 percent of former prisoners end up right back in jail.” When I was in school learning all about the criminal justice system, I took the stance of prisons as a necessary evil.  I knew they were basically… Continue Reading “Documentary Recommendation: Survivors Guide to Prison (2018)”

Journal Entry Type #9

You know what I would love not to have? There are a few things. One of them is called chronic sinus problems. The second one is called chronic TMD problems. The third one doesn’t have to do with my body but causes me just… Continue Reading “Journal Entry Type #9”

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