TV Show Recommendation: Damnation (2017-2018)

Quote from Damnation by Creeley Turner: “Never imagined this is what I’d grow up to be.”


Damnation is about a small town in Iowa called Davenport.  It centers around a preacher, Seth Davenport, who rallies the town against those in power through calculated strikes and plans to take their farms back.  There are richer and deadlier men who stand in the town’s way, and as the current Sheriff, Christopher Heyerdahl, struggles to keep his own gun and badge, the fight for power continues until the end.  I’d say the strength of this series is the effortlessness of how the stories play out against the historical backdrop of the Great Depression.  Family dynamics, personal motives, and clear differences among the townspeople leads to a cliffhanger in the last episode, but maybe somebody will realize the show needs more than one season for closure.


Creator: Tony Tost

Executive Producers: Adam Kane, Tony Tost, Gillian Berrie, Guymon Casady, David Mackenzie, James Mangold, and Daniel Rappaport

Directors: Adam Kane, Rod Lurie, Eva Sørhaug, Alex Graves, Kate Dennis, and Katie Jacobs

Writers: Tony Tost, Nazrin Choudhury, Julia Cohen, Michael D. Fuller, Kevin Lau, Rayna McClendon

Major Cast: Logan Marshall-Green as Creeley Turner, Killian Scott as Seth Davenport, Sarah Jones as Amelia Davenport, Chasen Harmon as Bessie Louvin, Christopher Heyerdahl as Don Berryman, Joe Adler and DL Sullivan,  Phillippa Domville as Martha Riley, David Haysome as Deputy Raymond Berryman, Melinda Page Hamilton as Connie Nunn, Teach Grant as Preston Riley, Rohan Mead as Sam Riley Jr. Paul Rae as Melvin Stubbs, and Gabriel Mann as Martin Eggers Hyde, Ph.D.

Rating:  TV-MA

Episodes:  10

Running Time: 60 minutes

I rate Damnation Four Fingers and One Thumb at 100%




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