Poem: What the Hell?


There are many things that make you ask what the hell?

But, if you want to be accurate, it should be written WHAT THE HELL?

Some days you need to add behind it YOU STUPID IDIOT!

And if you’re really feeling punchy, YOU STUPID, FUCKING IDIOT!

But, this isn’t one of those times for you, is it?

Instead, it’s one where you’re grateful that you go about your business.

You aren’t the stupid idiot or any kind of version of a stupid idiot today.

When a kid is screaming about getting her diaper changed in a parking lot,

you pay no attention and keep walking to your car.

You’re thankful your stomach is strong.

You’re lucky you don’t think think about it more than necessary.

You get on with your life.

Maybe, you feel a twinge of sympathy for her parents or your own parents.

When a souped-up car zooms past you, you still roll up your window.

Why?  Because you’ll hear it even when you can’t see it.

Why?  Because you value your damn ears.

Why?  Because you’re attentive.

You realize people on the road can be crazy as you let them.

You chalk it up to a bad or good day and keep driving.

You understand things build up each week that deserves some reaction.

Will you bite, kick, yell, throw, or spit?

None of the above.  All of the above.  Something else.

Your capabilities are tested over and over again.

You know it never ends.

If you open your mouth, how far down does your determination go?



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