Netflix Documentary Recommendation: My Son the Jihadi (2015)

Quote from My Son the Jihadi by Michael Evans (brother of Thomas Evans): “It’s so weird, how someone who’s grown up as your own flesh and blood could do that to somebody.  It doesn’t make any sense, I don’t think it ever will make any sense. I’m glad he’s not around to hurt anyone. It’s like his soul was gone.”


Executive Producer: Richard Kerbaj

Director: Peter Beard

Major Cast: Michael Evans, Sally Evans, and Thomas Evans

Rating: NA but would say TV-MA

Running Time: 47 minutes


I thought I’d give this short documentary a try because the different Islamic extremism groups are pretty much cults, and I find the adults that join them perplexing.  The higher members prey on low self-esteem individuals although not in every case, but everyone must show complete devotion to their causes.  In this case of brainwashing, it dealt with a young British man named Michael Evans who would later be referred to as Abdul Hakim.  After converting to Islam, he decided to cross the line by joining al-Shabaab, a terrorist group in Somalia.  He had limited contact with his British family, but when he did call the news was upsetting.  Being 23 years old at the time, he married a girl who wasn’t more than 14 years of age.  Michael’s mother, Sally, worked to get him out of Somalia, but it was no longer an option when news broadcast his death in 2015.  He was killed by a Kenyan Army sniper as he was raiding a military base with other militants.  There’s a few conversations between his mother and his wife after he died.  She commented how he is burning in hell and relieved he can no longer hurt others where his wife said she is happy he died a martyr.  It raises a difficult question regarding both thinking their beliefs are the right ones in this tragic story.

I rate My Son the Jihadi at 100%.



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