Sometimes Non-Title Fights are the Best


I’ve recently incorporated boxing or should I say punching in my goal to lose weight.  I don’t do it too long, not on the punching bag, because I found out quickly the shock absorption your wrists take after a while.  When they say to wear wraps, it’s for good reason.  When you do spinning back fists, it helps protect your hands.  The tops of my hands are still a little sore, even after a week of punching the bag.  I gained even more respect for MMA fighters’ ability to take punches to the body let alone throw them.  There’s a punching/kicking apparatus I also use and after two 2.5 minute sessions of sparring, I’m tired and my upper body is sore especially my arms and shoulders.  I can’t imagine doing five rounds with someone who can hit you back, which leads me the main reason I’m writing this.  Some find this sport barbaric and it is in many respects, but I also recognize the athleticism it takes to be and stay in the sport.  You must really love and want it.


After reading that UFC removed Nate Diaz from their roster, it wasn’t shortly after this the Pettis vs. Diaz fight was announced.  I’m slowly getting back into watching past UFC fights.  When I saw Jessica Andrade drop Rose Namajunas on her head in UFC 237, I’m glad she didn’t break her neck.  When José Aldo lost his fight to Alexander Volkanovski the same night, you have to wonder if his MMA career is coming to an end.  Speaking of possible fights, Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes would be an edge of your seat experience or in my case edge of the futon experience.  I wouldn’t mind seeing a third fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, but I doubt this will happen.  If I had the money and time, I would be driving or flying into Anaheim, CA in a heartbeat to see this upcoming fight.  It’s been a while since I’ve watched a fight on pay-per-view so it’s up to me whether I want to get a month’s worth of ESPN+ to watch UFC 241.  I have time still to decide, but it’s likely I’ll brush aside the fact I’m paying an extra $4.99 to watch Diaz and Pettis do their thing in the ring.  No doubt Diaz will trash talk the moment he steps inside.  Time will tell which way it will swing, but I’m certain the Stockton slap will be used.  I’ve read more people give the fight to Pettis.  Diaz has great endurance, but like many point out he hasn’t been in the ring for three years.  I’m hoping Diaz gets whatever he needs within him churning at a fast rate to provide viewers, his fans, and most of all himself a great fight. 


Anthony Pettis first stepped into the ring in 2007, which is three years after Nate Diaz fought his first MMA fight.  As you can see Pettis has fought the same number of fights, but has a higher ratio of wins over losses.  They both clearly belong in the category of excellent cardio, strength, and overall endurance, but a triathlete gives you something extra.  You have to dig deep when you’re a triathlete.  I know because I have two family members who do this on a the elite amateur level.  It’s nothing I would want to do.  I give Nate Diaz the edge for endurance despite following a vegan diet and being a cannabis user.  I think you get a sense of who I want to win, but he better bring his A+ game.  Pettis is wanting to annihilate him in the ring.  His exact words were “I can’t wait to hurt this guy.  This is a personal fight for me.  This is one guy I just don’t like.  Me and Diaz got problems.  Now we can solve them.” 


Since time started and especially since MMA/UFC fights started, men and women sometimes can only resolve things with punches and kicks.  I understand nothing is really solved through fighting.  It would be better for Pettis and Diaz to sit down on chairs, probably tied to them so they couldn’t get at each other, have a nice yelling match, and when that was done or they lost their voices, end it with a nice civil conversation.  We all know this isn’t ever going to happen and like with most any sport, people are in it for the money including the fighters.  Pettis is physically stronger than Diaz and there’s advantage in this.  Diaz is taller and has a longer reach and there’s advantages here too.  I have no clue who will win.   No one really does until the fight is finished despite the strong convictions and educated guesses.  As of right now, Pettis is the favorite to win over Diaz by BetOnline meaning Pettis is the -150 favorite over +130 Diaz.  Put another way, you will need to bet $150 on Pettis to earn $100 and bet $100 on Diaz to earn to $130.  While not the fight of the century, it’s going to be a great one.  I can’t wait.


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