TV Recommendation: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (2012-)

Quote by Jerry Seinfeld: “I have a problem with the strip that runs along the bottom of the news programs.  Don’t these idiots who run the news programs know we don’t want to read?  That’s why we’re watching TV.”


As I did with my blog post about Conan, I’m discarding the information in a list such as the writers, directors, producers, and main cast.  Except in this case, I’m going back on my word.  The creators of this show are Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld.  They are also the directors and writers.  The executive producers are Tammy Johnston and David Tuohy.  Because there are 11 seasons, you can imagine the people sitting in the passenger seat have a wide range.  This is about as funny as I get on imaginary paper (typing) and sounded funnier in my head.  Whatever.  This is why I’m not a comedian. 

If you are keeping up with Internet news, you will already know Seinfeld had to apologize to Robert Llewellyn for saying his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee influenced Carpool Karaoke.  At least he knows how to apologize and really mean it, which is more than I can say for others.  I’m not too much into cars and tend to fast forward through this part although I have been learning information when I forget to do this.  These are short episodes, entertaining and informative, about different topics whether personal or comedic in nature.  This is the perfect show if you like comedians, coffee, and cars.  If you like two out the three, you’ll like it too.  If you like one out of the three, you may or may not like it depending on which one you actually like.  If you like none out the three, then you really should be questioning why you are watching this.  See, I can be funny (just a little bit).


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