Day: September 12, 2019

Poem: I Knew

From the moment I was born, I knew, I recognized my mother’s face and my father’s toxicity pumped through my veins, thicker than blood. I tried to extract it and still something triggered change from deep within, and over time I grew accustomed to… Continue Reading “Poem: I Knew”

Poem: Open

The one alone, sitting in the corner, imagining something better for himself, ask how old am I? Give me an answer, scream it if you have to in a different tongue, mouth wide open. From where you linger, to your shadow on the wall,… Continue Reading “Poem: Open”

Dog Rescues from Around the World

One thing I like to do is watch dogs being rescued.  Most of the dogs are in poor shape, starving, mistreated, and ignored until someone comes along to help it.  I warn you if you have a weakness/intolerance for this content, then please don’t… Continue Reading “Dog Rescues from Around the World”

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